[Taiwan Trip 5D4N]

2017 is coming to an end. I’m not being pessimistic but 2017 so far has not been kind on me. My health has suffered. My stress level has increased. My eczema on my left calf had flared up and resulted in hyperpigmentation. I have a really bad #acne breakout and it is really due to my stress levels as I had never experienced that severity even in my puberty days. I would post my experience in the near future to share the struggles especially since #adultacne is harder to treat.  Just to let all the fellow sufferers know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I definitely hope all of you had a good 2017!

I should really try to do more frequent updates. I have an IG which I update on a more regular basis: Arisellaz

This is a long overdue blog post. My trip was last year! I had meant to update it but could not find the time, or energy to. I had a good massage earlier so I have more energy to update now. I’m gonna rewind and remember all the good old memories so pardon me if I miss out on anything!

Moving on to my trip to Taiwan, I had previously been there twice. Both times I had been to Taipei. The first time to Taiwan was a family trip and it was with a tour agency. This time round, we explored Taipei – Taichung – Nantou – New Taipei. It was more of a budget trip as I had to save up for an Europe trip which I will also update after this post.

First day: 

When we touched down at the airport, it was already close to evening.So we checked into our hotel – a budget hotel near Ximending, which is a shopping district. I love Ximending as I can feel the youthful energy there. From there, we went to Shilin Night Market. I heard that it can be quite touristy but I still like it as it is so convenient. The nearest metro station is JianTan Station.

For first-time travellers to Taipei, getting around Taipei is convenient,as it has an efficient Metro system known as the MRT(Mass Rapid Transport). You can get an EasyCard or 悠遊卡 at any 7-11 there and it costs NT $100.Make sure to recharge this card as it contains no credit.


The food at Shi Lin Night Market. We tried Papaya Milk, Smelly Tofu, Beef Cubes and fried cutlet. I always drank bubble tea, which is my favourite. Below is the photo diary!



As it was quite late when we arrived in Taipei, first day was quite relaxing for us as we just ate and walked around. There were street performances at Ximending and the usual crowd for people watching.


Second Day:

Second day was spent at Tai Chung, which is just approximately one hour from Taipei using the High Speed Rail(HSR). We bought the HSR tickets on its website a few weeks before this trip. It is more convenient this way.


When we reached Tai Chung, we had to hire a private driver to drive us to QingJing Farm as it was quite a distance away if we were to take the bus. The ticket entrance ticket to the farm cost NT$262.


I love the sheeps! Check out my Instagram: Arisellaz for a clearer photo of the cute sheeps. #sheeps #overload from hereon! For me personally, I love all things animals so I can actually spend the whole day here. We booked a guest house and stayed near QingJing Farm House. The weather was cooling and I had great fun!

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After the farm, we spent some time exploring the vicinity. There was also a horse show.The acrobats were originally from Mongolia and all of them were highly skilled.I had a good time there as well.

This marked the end of my 1st and 2nd day post. Will be posting up 3rd and 4th day soon.


4D/3N Trip to Bangkok[Part II]

Moving on, I need to stress that I’m an extremely laidback traveller. I do not have a tendency to plan in advance and I do not follow itineraries strictly. This could be the impetus for me to go travelling alone, though I always get to meet new people. Therefore, I post with personal experiences and relaxation in mind. It does not matter whether you go to a nearby town or a faraway city; even if you have a well-planned itinerary, relaxation is always a crucial factor for me. Most importantly, put work off your mind! Yes, I’m a social worker. I care deeply for my clients. But I deserve self-care; so do you. When you take a break, this time means so much more to you than work. A workplace which genuinely cares for you will not bombard you with work emails.

Second day of Bangkok was spent at Siam Park City, an amusement and water park located at Khan Na Yao District of Bangkok. Go in with an open mind because I did and had good old fun. Refresh your memories of childhood there. It was old-school, but this is what I really missed about Singapore as well. Some things are better preserved.



My heart palpitated in excitement as I love roller coasters! As you could see from the background, Siam Park City was relatively crowd-free on a Sunday! There were virtually no long queues even for the roller coasters, hence we managed to cover most of the rides in just an hour and a half.



The Log Flume ride! This was the ride with the longest queue.


Siam Park City not only comprises of roller coasters and rides, it has themed attractions such as Africa Adventure. In my opinion, such themed attractions were geared more towards children but I did have a good time as well though they did seem dated.

Lastly, we went to the Water Park. One of the main attractions there is the Wave Pool, which was certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest. Please take note that if you do not happen to bring swim wear, you can rent it at a fee.

Review of Siam Park City:

It was my first time there and the trip there took close to an hour from central Bangkok. Book a taxi and it is way more convenient. I did not take down the entrance fee but from my memory, it was close to USD$30, which was quite pricey. Siam Park City could do with a renovation to make it more appealing for tourists.On the flip side, I thoroughly enjoyed the rides and having virtually no crowd was a bonus.

Evening time was spent at Yunomori Spa & Onsen. We booked a 2-hour Thai Massage which relaxed our sore bodies. I love massages and always do, but the price factor always just puts me off. I love Bangkok for the massages! As for the onsen, I went before back in 2014. I like it because its affordable. The venue is small though. You can stay until the spa closes. However, I got bore after awhile.

Night time, we went to Patpong Night Market. Many reviews said it is a typical place which sells counterfeit stuff. Being my first time there, I was famished and was just looking at food. Food was plenty there and there was the usual crowd-puller for their ubiquitous Ping Pong Shows. Being a social worker, it is natural that I will not go. 20170529_005009

Mango Sticky Rice!

3rd Day:

Third day of Bangkok was spent at Chu Chocolate Cafe, Terminal 21 Shopping Mall and Asiatique!

Chu Chocolate Cafe was just a 3 minutes walk from our hotel. The chocolate cake was divine!Hot chocolate was great too! Do take note that the price is on the higher-end. Higher-quality photos of the dessert can be found on my Instagram(Username:Arisellaz).

20170529_123409 Continue reading “4D/3N Trip to Bangkok[Part II]”

4D/3N Trip to Bangkok

As some of you may have known and may have come here from my Instagram(IG: Arisellaz), I have a busy work schedule so the last time I had travelled is sometime in June. I went to Bangkok for a short trip. Bangkok is good for short trips. I wanted to go Ayutthaya but due to lack of planning and wanting to squeeze too many items in the short trip, we went to Siam Park City instead and we had a good time!

If you’re someone like me who’s into massages, food and theme parks, this itinerary will be good as I did not spend too much being on a tight budget as always.

1st day:

We arrived at around 5p.m. in the evening. The airline that we took is Airasia. No qualms about that – it was fuss-free. My dad would have say no to it. We don’t usually travel as a family and he is really a filial son, taking care of my grandma around the clock – but if there’s one distinct characteristic about my dad, it is that he never takes budget airline because he always believes that somehow, there is more leg space and it is more comfortable as a whole. He believes the flight is part of the whole travel experience. But when it comes to me, I like taking budget airlines because a plane is just for me to sleep. I can sleep anywhere and anytime. Back to the story, we arrived at the hotel at FuramaXclusiveSathorn.


That’s me at the hotel room. We got a complimentary upgrade to a better room.

As this is a trip solely for relaxation and eating, we decided to hit the malls at night for a meal. For dinner, we went to this restaurant called “Cafe Chilli”. It’s unlike a cafe, more like a restaurant and the price is slightly on the higher end. We ordered this Thai Tom Yam Soup which is served in a huge pot! I like the soup and it’s perfect for two people.




Cafe Chilli has an emphasis on “Isaan”, which is food from the northeastern region of Thailand. The ambience was just about right for two of us, who just alighted from a plane a few hours ago and away from the crowd of night markets. The servings were small though, but the herbs and spices were enough to satisfy one’s palate.



The main dish that we ordered was the Pad Thai! Serving was small though so it did not make us full. However, it was scrumptious and colorful with the right amount of flavour.


Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Location: Basement of Siam Paragon

After dinner,it was rather late and the shops were closing. We wanted to have an early night rest, and decided to have a massage along one of the back alleys. I could not recall which massage place we went to. Initially, we wanted to go to Chang Massage but somehow or rather, we went to the one beside it and I could not recall it. The massage was fine and we just popped into a random one.

So this draws the end of our first day in Bangkok. I’ll be posting the next 2 days over the next week, and I will also do a post on my short Europe trip as well.